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Saturday, April 21, 2007

just love this one... The lyrics are simply Tooo Gooood

Na To But Kade Ki Talab mujay, Na Haram k Dar ki talash hai.
Jahaan lut giya hai sakoon-e-dil ussi rah guzar ki talash hai,

Tu haram mai jis ko hai dhond ta, mujjay but kade mai wo mil gia.
Tujjay kia malal hai Zahida, yeah nazar nazar ki talash hai.

Mujjay sub qabool falq magar Gham-e-dost muj say talab na kar,
Issay dil say juda karoun meri umar bhar ki talash hai.

Ay Tabib chor youn hi mujhay. main mareez-e-Ishq houn la dawa,

Yeah hai Ishq IShq Ishq

Ishq ki chot ka kuch dil per asar hoto sahi, Dard kam ho ya ziyada magar ho tho sahi.

(yeah hai Ishq Ishq)

Majnu nazar aati hai, laila nazar ata hai, wahshat mai her cheez ulti nazar aati hai.

dehko yeah hai Ishq Ishq

Waadi e Najat say phir ker jo hawa aati hai, Qais k ronay ki ab tak sada aati hai..

yeah hai Ishq Ishq

Kabbay b gay hum na gia per buton ka ishq, is roq ki Khuda k Ghar mai b dawa nahi.

yeah hai ishq ishq

Kafir-e-Ishq huway hum jo sana bhol gay, Naam-e-but yad raaha naam e Khuda Bhol gay.

dehko yeah hai ishq ishq

naaz-o-andaz say kehtay hain k jeena hoga, zaher daitay hain tho kehtay hain k peena hoga, jub mai peeta houn tho kehtay hain k marta b nahi, jub mai marta houn tho kehtay hain k jeena hoga.

dehko yeah hai ishq ishq


aai tabib chor youn hi mujhy mai mareez-e-ishq houn la dawa,
mujhe jis nay dard ata kia ussi chara gar ki talash hai...

Na To But Kade Ki Talab mujhay,
Na Haram k Dar ki talash hai.


Trial Blazer said...

Hi, this is one of my favourite qawali by Nusrat Sahib. I've it on cassette but not an mp3. If you have any link for mp3 or video please post it as well.
Thanks in advance.

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