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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Goood Morning

Good morning or rather Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, Doctors and students..... hummm nice to see many of you have visited the blog but yet no one has sent anything in, so in an attempt to keep it updated and things flowing in here is again a post just for the heck of it :P

A beautiful sunny bright day has just started (at least for me) I know most of you are up since long.... so lets see what the day has for us.. wish all of you a wonderful time.....

and if I am not mistaking then TODAY IS DR.FARHANA USMANI'S (Sara) WEDDING..... tho bahi bohot bohot mubarakbaaat wish u tons and tons of HAPPINESS and a WONDERFUL MARRIED LIFE.... wo kia dua daitay hain... ALLAH AP DONO KI JOHRI SADA SALAMAT RAKKAY :) Ameen

okay then... I guess its time to breakfast now, so take care and ba bye