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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Anyone from Karachi knows where to find these :P Chinese Dentists :P and for the rest of the people well Karachi is selfsufficiant with Dentists :P We got Desi RoadSide Dentists(read Quack) then we The chinese (2nd grad of QUACKS) and then we got the Poor souls THE QUALIFIED DENTAL SURGEONS :P

p.s. no comments on the above chinese dentits :P who knows may b they are one of the those QUALIFIED ONES :P



Nia here! said...

Hi Syed, So help me understand. There are lots of people offering dental services. Okay, no more needed in Pakistan. But what do you mean by quack? do you mean that they did not graduate from a school of dentistry? Do you mean that they do not actually help people with there dental issues? If they don't know what they are doing then nobody would use them and they couldn't earn a living. Bad service generally drive businesses out of business, particularly in a situation where there are so may choices, so MANY dientists.

doc.alam said...

well not at all.. we do need more dentists but the problem is dental surgeons graduating from dental schools are kinna expensive compared to the QUACKS... and those are usually not qualified dentists.. they are more like some kind of traditional or dentist by inheritance... (WHAT EVER THE CASE USUALLY DANGEROUS)

and why they haven't been driven out of the business is sheer ignorance and i suppose compromise on patients part for they offer cheap treatments

i dont know if this answers your question.. do reply

isabelle_yang said...

It's pretty sad to see that many people are unable to afford proper dental care. I too have seen a sign as old and as suspicious as the one in your picture, and here in Taiwan! So I guess it's really not about nationality. Just my two cents.